About Us

Demand for energy is increasing at an average rate of 4% per annum in India fuelled by the GDP growth rate of 8% and increasing per capita energy consumption. The gap between supply and demand is growing at an alarming pace. For the current year, the CEA (Central Electricity Authority) has projected that the country will have an energy shortage of 10.3 per cent and a peak demand shortage of 12.9 per cent. The total demand for electricity in India is expected to cross 950,000 MW by 2030 (Source - http://indianpowersector.com/).

REnergize Eco-Planet is committed to bridge this demand-supply gap in energy sector. We are hereto contribute in India’s energy self-reliance and environment sustainability. We at REnergize Eco-Planet envisage India’s economic growth based upon energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

"Energy Saved is Energy Gained"

In this era of Six Sigma where each and every unit of the resources counts, one of the alternatives to energy generation is use of more energy efficient equipment. REnergize Eco-Planetstrives to provide the most energy efficient solutions which give the highest output with minimum input. REnergize Eco-Planet is bound to maintain the highest standards of energy efficiency.

"Paradigm shift to Renewable energy"

REnergize Eco-Planet aims at resolving the issue of power generation with the help of renewable energy sources. Its aim is to brighten the lives of the disadvantaged people, so that even they can contribute towards the development of nation. The uninterrupted power supply can play a great role towards bringing Bharat and India together.

"To be a superpower, you must have power."


"Empowering the nation towards a greener tomorrow."


"Provide energy efficient and renewable energy based solutions."